Corné van Dooren

About me.

I've been working in the web-industry since 1998, when I started my first traineeship. I graduated in 2000 and have been enjoying the journey ever since.

Over the past 20 years I have grown from a designer to an experienced Art Director, with bigger responsibilities and guiding projects.

I've worked in various (leading) roles for many (inter)national clients such as Philips, Nike, Sony, Adidas, Shell, MTV, MasterCard, McDonald's, Studio 100, PPG Coatings, Nickelodeon, TMF, Q Dance, Unibet, Histor, Warner Brothers, Universal, Tork, LOI, Interpolis, Monroe, Talpa, Adecco, Fasson Roll Europe, Knauf, DAF Trucks, KLM, CZ, AEGON, KIA, Holland Casino and many more.

My work has been published on various websites and in magazines such as Computer Arts and Digit. The biggest experience in being published is without a doubt being an author for friends of ED, now Apress. I've also reviewed software for Corel and worked on courses for LOI, a dutch educational institution. My work has also been shown in cinema's, another brilliant experience.

I hope you like browsing through my work on this website. It's been awesome to fill it, as I could see my own growth looking back at everything I've done so far. If you're interested be sure to contact me, there's a lot more to show and I haven't written down all the details on the website.

Thanks for your visit and if you have a creative challenge and need help, be sure to contact me! Here's my résumé (PDF, 1.28 Mb) for more detailed information.

All the best,


  • Graduated Multimedia Design (MBO) and started working at my first employer: Hunterskil Howard, now Centigrade.

  • Started working in the evenings for book publisher friends of ED, now Apress. I would work for them until 2014 on over 100 titles (108 to be exact).

  • Graduated Post-Higher Education (Post-HBO) Multimedia.

  • Started my own company: Project79, which I still have today (part-time).

  • Started in a Senior Designer role.

  • Started in an Art Director role.

  • Heavily involved in big projects, like a Mega Mindy and Anubis PC Game and Quest DS, as Art Director.

  • Worked on nominated DIA work for Mirabeau (DAF Trucks), the biggest Dutch agency.

  • Got to work for some amazing brands I've always wanted to work for, such as Nike and Adidas.

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